Locomotives and Rolling Stock




  • Built by Clyde Engineering, Granville NSW 1938.
  • Wheel arrangement 0-4-0.
  • Driving wheels 39 inches diameter.
  • Weight 31 1/2 tons.
  • Tractive effort 12,865 pounds.
  • Boiler pressure 150 psi.
  • Water capacity, 1030 gallons.
  • Cylinders 14 1/2 X 20 inches.
  • Grate area 9 3/4 square feet.

Marjorie was purchased new in 1938 for use in Lysaght’s (now Bluescope Lysaght) Port Kembla plant. However
Marjorie was quickly transferred to Lysaght’s Newcastle plant, where she spent the rest of her working life. She was withdrawn from service in June 1972.




  • Built by Chullora Railway Workshops 1968.
  • Cummins NHRS-6-BI engine
  • Wheel arrangement 0-4-0.
  • Driving wheels 36 inches diameter.
  • Weight 30 tons.
  • Tractive effort 17,750 pounds.





  • Built by Avonside Engine Company, Bristol in 1921
  • Wheel arrangement 0-4-0

Kathleen was purchased for use at John Lysaght’s Port Kembla works. The design of this locomotive was used as a template for the later construction of Marjorie.

A Transport Heritage Grant has been awarded for the manufacture and installation of a new backhead injector which, with other repairs and painting, will allow the locomotive to return to operation.


  • Built by Beyer Peacock & Co in 1926
  • Wheel arrangement 2-8-2

No.30 was delivered under the final repeat order for two additional 10-class locomotives by the South Maitland Railways; this class eventually numbered 14 examples SMR 30 was dismantled during 2017-18 under a Transport Heritage Grant. Long-postponed restoration has commenced.



This small diesel-mechanical locomotive was purchased by the Maritime Services Board for use on the jetty at Coffs Harbour in northern NSW. Engine repairs are currently underway, after which the locomotive will be reassembled, repainted and returned to service.